A room stands in the space, a secretary sitting at a desk by the door. The artwork can just be seen by one person at a time, says the secretary. Before seeing the work one will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, she continues, as telling about the work to other people could interfere with their experience of it. You agree, sign and are given a ticket with your turn on it. You are led into a waiting room, where you will wait for your turn to walk through a door standing at the end of it. While you wait for your number to come up on the screen, a light elevator music is playing in the background. When your turn finally comes, you stand up to see what lies behind the doorframe, found partially hidden by a wall partition. You arrive at a corridor. You look around for the work, but there is nothing. Just more elevator music and a window. You turn around the corner and still nothing. Just more elevator music. Another corner and you see an exit sign. So you leave.