Hannah O'Flynn is Spanish artist of German and Irish descent. She is currently based in Berlin and studies Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute.




MA Art Praxis, Dutch Art Institute (itinerant program)

BA Fine Arts, Kingston University, London

Experimental Arts Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Foundation Program at University of the Creative Arts, Epsom




January 2021 - present: co-founded the cultural space with the rubbles of old palaces, a conceptual and physical space for communal study that develops its research through art, film, dance, performance, literature and critical theory, Berlin

April 2020 - present: co-direction of the Vladmail weekly study group on de-colonial practices, histories and organising (online)

February 2020: co-curated and performed in The Cooking Show Seminar: the Politics of Food, Amsterdam

December 2019: co-wrote and published Russian Literature Better than Sex: Singular You or Plural I? in Not a Neutral Conduit: Fictocritical Approaches in Artistic Research — Reader on Stage

October 2019: performance of Dust Floating in the Dark — A Disenlightened Dream in What’s with Privacy when it’s too Loud Outside?, as part of the WAS Biennale, Berlin

August 2019: co-curated and exhibited in Holding Hands from Afar, at Bebe Books, DOK, Gent

June 2019: co-curated and exhibited in LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE.. / I want to be in a room with some wifi, at Pleasure Zone, Basel

March 2018: performance in Razzmatazz V, London

February 2018: co-curated and exhibited in Performing // Ritual // Object, Kingston upon Thames

January 2018: video performance in Harvesting Mind, Braunschweig

November 2017: Future Digested zine publication with Nornir

October 2017: facilitated Two Heads are Better than One: on collaborative structures workshop for the Interdisciplinary Week, Kingston upon Thames

August 2017-June 2018: leads the collaboration platform Tea Stand Projects, Kingston upon Thames

August 2017: Little Eating Emperors zine publication with Nornir

April 2017: Imperial Lunch (performance), the Forbidden City, Beijing

April 2017: co-curated The Toilet Show, Beiluoguxiang Public Toilet, Beijing

February 2017: Weishan book publication

March 2017: video performance in Razzmatazz III: Performing Borders at Museum of Futures, Surbiton

October 2016: performed in A Night of Perpetual Performances, Goethe Institut, Beijing

May 2016: performed in Sayingzheng III, Tuanjiehu Park, Beijing

May 2015: No Working Title project at the Tate Modern, London

December 2014-January 2015: exhibited in Marginalized, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing

March 2014: exhibited in Time, Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

March 2014: co-curated and exhibited in Portable Exhibition - A Mobile Utopia, Kingston upon Thames