Home Paradise 2000

In this project I have looked into artificial realities in holiday resorts, and how these plastic environments have become a holiday destination by themselves. I have closely looked at how these spaces are designed to control the mass’ movement and its consumption.

I decided to approach this subject after a trip to Las Vegas, where I noticed that tourists who peregrinate to such plastic realities actually prefer the artificial landscape to the real one.

With Home Paradise 2000 I have put my attention on how these artificial realities have become the new Paradise in an atheist world, a space where what mass culture considers perfection can be realized. Home Paradise 2000 is a space of peace and quietness that can be installed at home. With this, I have created an accessible and purchasable Eden, making the original idea of “Paradise” vanish: the utopian idea of unreachable perfection can be now realized. But can it? Or is it just another consumerist lie? An unaccomplished promise of purchasable happiness? With it, I question the excesses of our consumerist society, and the loss of its ideals, replaced by plastic ones.

To remark its consumerist lie, for Home Paradise 2000 I have created an infomercial full of empty promises, that echo when approaching the actual product, a weak dissolution of an already suspicious televised dream.