Hannah O’Flynn’s work takes the form of books, films, photographs, interventions, installations and performances. A poetics of the absurd ties together the different parts of her practice. 

The making of books is a relevant element in her work, which sometimes function as a way to register the failure of her pieces. Failure must be here understood as a productive event, as in And We Danced to the World’s Silence (A Series of Failed Attempts). Her artistic and literary references – Bas Jan Ader, Albert Camus, and Franz Kafka – find expression in a work that is pervaded by an existentialist, absurd, and tragic vision of life. Boredom opens up as a failed search for transcendence, which appears throughout her work with poetic undertones. Untitled (Waiting Room), is a prime example of it: a waiting room designed to keep the audience waiting indefinitely (with a ‘light elevator music playing in the background’). 

During her Art Praxis studies at the Dutch Art Institute, Hannah is developing work around the relationships of the human with the dominating systems of capitalism and bureaucratic State control.